Kids’ Easter Art Gallery 2020

Thank you to all the kids and families who shared their art this year in celebration of our Savior! Happy Easter to you all! The prize winners will be announced later today. Thank you for helping celebrate and share the true meaning of Easter!

Easter Art by Xander, age 9, USA
“Easter Day” by Asher, age 6, USA
“The Atonement” by Penelope, age 9, USA
“The Stone of Jesus” by Alice, age 5, USA
“Easter Egg Suncatcher” by Annaleigh, age 3, Canada
“He Has Risen” by Leslie, age 8, USA
“The Light in the Storms” by James, age 6, USA
“Sunrise of Death” by Raelyn, age 7, Canada
“The Tomb of Jesus” by Kristen, age 3, Canada
“Jesus’s Death” by Lexie, age 8, Canada
“He is Risen!” by Sara, age 6, USA
“Stained Glass Window – Jesus has Risen” by Leah, age 12, Canada
“Jesus Saves Me” by Jessica, age 4, USA
“Light on the Hill” by Anna, age 7, USA
“Empty Tomb” by Paul, age 5, USA
“Jesus Loves Me Suncatcher” by Ella, age 2, USA
“The Resurrection” by Roman, age 8, USA
“The Magical Easter Egg” by Rain, age 7, Canada
“Jesus and Mary” by Eleanor, age 4, USA
“He is Risen” by Cora, age 2, USA
Easter Art by Grace, age 6, Canada
Easter Art by Phoebe, age 8, Canada
“Jesus is Risen” by Adilee, age 9, USA
“Jesus is Risen” by Vanetta, age 3, Canada
“He is Risen” by Theresa, age 5, Canada
“Jesus” by Peter, age 21 months, Canada
“Smiling Jesus” by Brevin, age 6, USA

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